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Women Engaging Life

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Participants will explore the art of self-expression, build new strengths and talents, become aware of new possibilities in life, practise assertiveness and clear communication, and develop workplace skills, including learning or using basic computer skills.

Women Life


Come and learn how to relax, bring a blanket and our experienced tutor will teach you how to relax and enjoy me time.


Literacy and Numeracy

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This class is designed for participants to improve their reading and writing skills using the English language, making it easier to communicate with others within the community both verbally and in writing.
Thai Cooking

Learning how to create delicious Thai meals, that you can then recreate at home and share with their family and friends. Cost is $15 per session

thai Cooking

Family History

Learn to trace your family tree! Find out where your roots lay! Learn to navigate
Wednesday 6pm - 8pm


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We ask for half the class fee at the time of booking and the remainder to be paid on commencement of the class.